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Havencraft Summer Event 2022

Jun 9, 2022

Hey Guys! Hope everyone summer is going well.

We will be hosting our first summer event this June! It will be taking place on July 24th, 2022 (Sunday) at 2:00 PM US Eastern Time! Event will be hosted at /event world.

What mini-games will there be?

1. Pictionary

2. Musical Chairs

3. Maze

4. Treasure Hunt (20 minutes timer)

5. Mining Competition (20 minutes timer)

6. Building Competition (one hour timer)

7. Fightnight (At parrot realm in /warp end) Bring your own gears!

8. Pinata Party (At parrot realm in /warp pinata!)

Event Rewards

1st place: $15 store credits or 3 weeks of fly time

2nd place: $10 store credits or 2 week of fly time

3rd place: $5 store credits or 1 week of fly time

~ Everyone who participates through our event will receive 5x summer keys!

Event Rules

1. No flying in any form of way during Fightnight

2. Follow all staffs and events instructions

3. Listen to the staff members

4. Do not fool around

5. Do not cheat or hack

6. All server rules applies

~ Anyone that ignore staffs warning or cheat, will be disqualified from the event