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Havencraft 1.19 Plan

Jun 20, 2022

Here comes a very wild update plans! First of all, we do not have an ETA when we will officially update to 1.19 yet but we do have a plan for it. so do not ask me when we will update to 1.19 because there will be no answer to it. However I will keep everyone updated when we are ready for the 1.19 update.

During this 1.19 update plan, one of our major focus is to fix things up to keep our community stabilized and running smoothly.

Forge system

We will be switching /warp blacksmith to /warp forge instead, so that it make more sense.

Unfortunately forge system will be still on development stage as we will work on the bugs solutions for it after our 1.19 update.

Creative World Update

We will be updating our creative world to 1.19 as well.

Resource Worlds & Biomes Removal

After several hours of thinking about this, we will be officially removing our resource worlds because for the past months it has been a major cause with crashes and major lag spikes because of it. I've been finding alterative ways to try to work around it but there seems to be no luck. Sometime making a hard decision like this is needed because the server's satiability comes first before anything else do or else it won't be functioning properly.

Worlds Expansion

My first plan was going to be releasing a new realm, but I've decided to pause on that plan for now and decided to release a new realm in the future when the right time comes. However we will be expanding our world borders for the Parrot Realm.

All world's border 25k by 25k (50k by 50k in square) -> Increasing to 40k by 40k (80k by 80k in square)

Mob Eggs

Mob eggs has been a major issues when it comes to changing spawner types with the eggs. On our 1.19+ update all eggs should work on spawners.

Auto Restart

We are implementing a 7 days auto restart system to keep the community smoothly running.

Crates Update

Updating our vote and treasure crate with new items because it's time for a rotation with some freshly new items! Maybe there will be some new 1.19 items! You will just have to wait and see!

Trading System

We will be implementing a trading system, which you can now send trade invitation with one another with /trade (name). This will ensure you guys to agreed with one another on the items you guys want to trade for!

Displaying Items

The current one we have is outdated and developer inactive. We have adjusted and exchanged our displaying item system. Now you need to be a [SETTLER]+ to use [i] to display your items.

Fox tamable

The developer doesn't seem to have any interest in continue updating his plugin for tamable foxes and I don't want to bothering looking through his plugin. Foxes will longer be tamable, but however you can now use Mobs Teleportation to teleport them to places with you.

Mobs Teleportation

Tuck your magical leash away! Everyone will be able to either sit on ridable mobs, using a regular lead, and boats to teleport mobs around as we worked on implementing a system for it.